Real Time Networked Device Monitoring

- Feature List -

  • Real Time Monitoring
    Net-Probe offers real time monitoring of any network connected device. It does this through a rich graphical interface available through a web browser as well as a dedicated application. Items can be monitored in three ways, using graphs, alarms and GPS tracking.

    Here the links of a router are depicted. The New York to UK link has failed.

  • Graphical layout
    Alarms, graphs and trackers are integrated into the graphical layout. Drawing elements have been kept as simple as possible enabling for simple, quick and neat representations of the monitored environment to be setup.

    This partial screen shot shows two devices who's physical location is being tracked. Not only is the current location shown but the ability to display the path taken is also available.

  • Network layout Detection
    Wizards allow for networks to be scanned and a representation of it drawn in a few easy steps. This shows the interconnection of each device.

    The wizard can also automatically add alarms and graphs. This enables rapid deployment.

  • Alarms
    Alarms check a host or service. Below are the methods of acquiring data. You are not limited to these (see expandability below).
    • SNMP
    • Performance Monitor
    • Scripts
    • - CPU Load
      - DB
      - DHCP
      - DiskFreeCheck
      - DiskFree
      - DNS
      - Finger
      - FTP
      - HTTP
      - HTTPS
      - IMAP
      - IPChains
      - IPTables
      - LDAP
      - MailQueue-Postfix
      - MailQueue-Sendmail
      - MySQL
      - NNTP
      - Ping
      - POP3
      - PostgreSQL
      - Process
      - ProcessCount
      - Proxy
      - RADIUS
      - Service
      - SMTP
      - Users

  • Actions
    Actions are performed when an alarm goes off. These could be notification type alerts, either graphical or sound. They could also be functions like sending an email, restarting a service etc.

    This partial screen shot shows some of the Actions that can be setup.

  • Alerter
    The Alerter is a small application that lives in your task bar and will inform you of the status of the items being monitored.
  • Graphs
    Real time graphs can be included in the layout. The graphs are highly customizable. Like most systems in Net-Probe wizards guide you through the creation process.

  • Band
    One graph can be selected to sit in the task bar.

  • Network Tools
    A number of tools have been included. These include ping, traceroute, snmp browser, dns and a network scanner.

    This partial screen shot shows an example of the SNMP Browser.

  • Expandability
    One of the methods of getting data for the alarms and graphs are scripts. Dozens of prewritten scripts have been included to measure and test most standard networked services. The source of these is open allowing you to expand or specialize them to other tasks. This makes it possible to monitor any network device. Scripts can also be added to perform specialized actions when an alarm goes off.

    A simple text editor can be used to perform this advanced customization. You can use any of your favorite scripting languages as long as Windows supports it. For most users this will not be necessary.

  • Integration
    Shortcuts to external applications can be created. This includes the ability to specify command line arguments that, depending on the application, may permit special handling for the device.

    This screen shot shows the right click menu from a device. The second and third menu items link to external programs. In this case Notepad and Putty. Notepad could be used to maintain documentation on each host, and the Putty link to launch the ssh client.

    Components allowing for the integration of the Net-Probes results into your in-house software is included. This even allows for integration into an existing Intranet.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer - 2011